CV + Bio - a brief history in time (rob gorrie overview)
Shopping and retail is being disrupted. It's a great conversation to be having! Let's reinvent retail together with digital, data and technology.
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My background is in retail and I have started companies in technology, media and marketing in Toronto and New York.


While I’m still an entrepreneur and start companies, my focus is on helping others solve their own innovator’s dilemmas.


Rob is an omni-channel digital strategist that understands how to create engaging and meaningful customer experiences across in-store and digital.


A true change agent and evangelist, Rob brings 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, retail & technology.  His background spans online advertising, mobile marketing and social/location-based media tied to a deep understanding of data, technology and operations with a focus on the bottom line.


Rob focuses on helping to make enterprises, retailers and brands agile and consistent in the world of today’s customer experiences across the myriad of engagement channels that now exist.


He has proven capabilities in planning and leading multiple stakeholders and teams across retailers, agencies and brands and seamlessly drives efforts across commerce, loyalty, CRM, media, data & analytics.  With a wide scope of subject matter expertise, Rob has been asked to speak and write for some of the leading publications in marketing and technology.


Rob is forever a junkie of doing what’s right for the client and acts as the voice of the customer, developing organizations and processes and aligning them with customer needs.


Rob’s current efforts are firmly in the effective cross-silo integration of content & commerce, supporting retailers and brands in de-fragmenting, understanding, aligning & scaling the broad new landscape of digital customer interactions and driving sales and ROI.



  • Omni-channel Strategy
  • In-store + Online Media and Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Aligning Data + Tech for Innovation



  • Past speaker at iMedia, Ad:Tech, Digiday & Mediapost events.
  • Featured in Forbes, Reuters, Mediapost, AdWeek, ClickZ, WebPro, TechCrunch and other. 



  • Corporate strategy development, digital strategy, opinions, concept development and growth, innovation + disruption, team developer

In short: I use technology to create better and more consistent marketing and operations and am an evangelist of tomorrow’s customer experiences across digital, retail and brands

Rob Gorrie



  • RETAIL – surrounded by retail with a below-the-line focus for most of his career
  • TECHNOLOGY – originally an avid technologist and programmer
  • ONLINE – began career in online advertising in the early days of the web in 1995
  • MOBILE – began working in mobile marketing in 2002
  • LOCATION – launched a location-based media platform, focused on retail, in 2006
  • SOCIAL – social media integration projects at retail in 2009

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